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Story Levels                                             "Frosty The Snowcone"

Characters                                     Players: 2-4

Weapons Info                                 Handicaps: Normal

                                                           Characters: Any character, 1 Snowman

                                                           Level: Any level

                                            Time Set: 10 mins.

                                                          Weapons: All Flamethrowers

                                                          How To Play: All the players must torch the Snowman, the person with the most kills against the Snowman wins.  Change the Snowman after every game.

- Contributed by: Ts2 sNiPeR



                                                        Players: 2-4

                                                        Handicaps: High

                                                         Characters: Any characters

                                                        Level: One for sniping

                                                        Time Set: Any amount of time

                                                        Weapons: 1 Remote Mine, 4 Sniper Rifles

                                                        How To Play: All the players must start with a remote mine on their head, the players must then try to kill each other, to do this they must shoot the mine on their opponents head.  It will be harder to die if you get shot normally because your handicap is high.  Every time someone dies the opponent must place a mine on their head when they re-appear. 

- Contributed by:  Ts2 sNiPeR