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     Select your destination                                               Welcome to my unofficial Timesplitters 2 MapMaker site.  Feel free to look around and tell your friends about this site.  Thank you! - Ts2 sNiPeR

Created Maps                                                    

Scenarios                                           The Story:

Story Levels                                 The year is 2401.  On a Space Station suspended on the fringe of time and space,

Characters                         the evil race known as the Timesplitters scheme the end of the Human race.  Growing in            

Weapons Info                      strength and numbers, they have only one purpose in life - to destroy all human existence!


                          The elite troop of space marines that was been sent to overpower these evil creatures has been fighting a losing

                           battle. The last two remaining marines have barely fought their way to the heart of the station, where the

                           TimeSplitters keep their secret weapon… the time portal. Powered by nine crystal shards, the portal device enables  

                           the TimeSplitters to leap from one time period to another, changing the course of history to suit their own agenda.

                           Just as the marines arrive the last two crystals disappear through the portal in the gangly hands of the enemy.